SWIFT Server Solution for

Smart & Efficient Message Search

Auditing & Consolidation

Long-Term Archiving (LTA)

Archive Splitting

Can you access your archives of interbank financial messages?

Do you have the capacity to derive statistical data from them?

Can you split your archives based on BIC codes?

Can you read your financial messages?

Triple-S™ Key Features

Archive Splitting

Populate SWIFT messages in real-time

SWIFT Message Search

Long-term archiving for SWIFT messages

FIN format specifications support

Standard Web-Based Interface

Powerful Statistics Module

A real alternative to existing interfaces

No limit in terms of users or entities

Triple-S™ admin dashboard example
Triple-S™ search criteria
Triple-S™ dashboard example
Triple-S™ statistics search
Triple-S™ has a proficient management console to administer the system, assign rights to members of staff and govern levels of accessibility. The middleware efficiently manages financial messages through its open model database, making it easy to find individual messages using its search functionality. Triple-S™ has no cap on the number of users or entities. It is compatible with any standard web browser and is a real alternative to existing user interfaces.

Moreover, Triple-S™ can populate real-time financial messages from SWIFT Alliance queues into your satellite applications. Due to the agile nature of our solution it can deployed rapidly, bringing your entire team up to speed. Comprehensive search functionality and full compatibility with FIN format specifications makes Triple-S™ a tremendously cost-effective solution.

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