Triple-S™ use cases

Regulatory Compliance on Acquisition

Use Case: Bank A acquires Bank B. Bank A has to integrate all the business lines from Bank B into their own business. However, for regulatory reasons it is required to keep ten years of SWIFT messages archived. Bank A can keep the Bank B's SWIFT installation, as well as the SWIFT archive backups, but maintaining a SWIFT Alliance installation represents a significant cost on yearly basis.

Solution: Triple-S™ can hold ten years of archives and enable an unlimited number of users to search for the messages using a simple Web browser. It is relevant since the solution keeps the messages in a database with an open-model and has a unique license fee regardless of the number of users. The total cost of ownership is therefore tremendously low.

Regulatory Compliance on Cession

Use Case: Bank A owns Bank B as a subsidiary, and uses a single SWIFT installation handling Bank A and Bank B SWIFT messages. Bank A transfers Bank B to Bank C. Bank C then claims all of Bank B's SWIFT message archives. Bank A can provide all the SWIFT archive backups, but does not want to give Bank C archives containing its own messages for obvious reasons.

Solution: Triple-S™ enables archive exporting for a defined period, excluding or splitting messages relating to a particular BIC.

Organizational Consolidation

Use Case: Bank A owns several subsidiaries (Bank B, Bank C and Bank D). Each one operates its own SWIFT platform. Bank A wants to organize a consolidated view of all messages.

Solution: Triple-S™ can be configured to import on a scheduled basis SWIFT external archive backups.

Real-Time Processing

Use Case: A Bank's satellite applications require data from SWIFT transaction messages in order to pursue/finalize a settlement.

Solution: Triple-S™ is able to import messages from SWIFT Alliance queues in real-time and inject them into a database.

Flexibility & Support

We have an in-depth knowledge of SWIFT message formats. This means that we are able to study and implement custom specific requirements. Should the requirement be applicable throughout our Client base, we commit to amend Triple-S™ kernel to bring the new option to the next product release. Our solution is compatible with all SWIFT message formats released since 1997.

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