AML-Automatic Report

Automated AML Compliancy Reporting

Complying with Circular CSSF 20/747

The Law of 25 March 2020 transposes certain provisions from the 5th EU AML Directive into Luxembourgish law and establishes a central electronic data retrieval system with regards to payment accounts, IBAN bank accounts and safe-deposit boxes held by credit institutions in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Take the stress out of submitting your reports to the CSSF central electronic data retrieval system, with a plug-and-play solution that does not require the submission of your data to any third-party other than the CSSF.

AML-Automatic Report extracts the required data from you Core-Banking and fully automates the process of filtering, validating and submitting it to the CSSF, so that you can operate in full compliance with the new regulation. No development required, no huge investment, just a pragmatic plug-and-play solution that is installed and is easily configured within your IT infrastructure.


Extract account data directly or by custom queries using CSV/TSV files

The AML-Automatic Report solution can either use a direct connection to any relational database to extract account data or simply import TSV/CSV files. When using a direct connection, a customizable selection statement is executed against the source database, quickly integrating the solution. When using TSV/CSV import, the data must be extracted from the core banking system and generated in a TSV file that will be used as the data source for generating the report.

Automatically validate your reports through the CSSF validator tool & the built-in validator

The CSSF provides a tool for validating file content before submitting the report to the CSSF services. The execution of this tool is automatically performed by AML-Automatic Report solution, and in case of the detection of any errors, the report generated by this tool is sent by email to an internal pre-configured target email address.

Before executing the CSSF validation tool, the data is checked for conformity and integrity by the AML-Automatic Report internal validator, performing data normalization and more readable execution reports in case of failure. The internal validator supports both errors and warning levels depending on the creation date of the account, and can exclude accounts with warnings from final report.

Automatically renew your keys pairs for ciphering and signing reports

Each bank needs to register in the CSSF platform its key pairs for ciphering and signing reports. The enrolment process is automatically performed by AML-Automatic Report solution, and supports automatic renewal of keys at a configurable frequency.

Automatically obfuscate production data for test environments

Whenever test data is not easily accessible, AML-Automatic Report solution is able to read data from production, validate it and then obfuscates the data before generating the report that will be sent to CSSF. By doing so, it is possible to validate production data without ever sending any sensible data to the CSSF in tests environments.

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Manage anonymous account identifiers with CSSF status report enrichment

Each bank must associate an anonymous identifier to every account number before sending the report to CSSF. When the CSSF sends the execution status of a submitted report, the account is identified by this anonymous identifier, making it less readable. AML-Automatic Report solution is able to enrich the status report sent back by the CSSF by adding the original account numbers before sending the report by email internally.

Configure customer types, account holders types, administrators, representatives and proxy patterns

All the object types are fully configurable by regular expressions to ensure that each party, each account and each relation returned by the selection statement is correctly interpreted.

Configure exclusion protocols for accounts that have recently been created

When an account has recently been created and not all the information is available during creation, e.g. VAT numbers for companies, the missing information can be stored as 'under registration' until the customer receives the final number. To avoid rejection by the CSSF validation tool, it is possible to configure a delay and when an account has some errors and has been created before this delay, errors are considered as warnings and not sent to the CSSF. For example, if you define a delay of 20 days, this means that you have 20 days to finish the registration of the account in your core banking. After the delay of 20 days, if the data is not yet present, an error will be raised and the data will have to be fixed.

Get notified when your report is successfully submitted or if it contains any errors

Everyday, the AML-Automatic Report solution tries to generate and validate a report until 6:00pm. If any errors are encountered, emails are sent at a configurable frequency to an internal email address until the problems are fixed. At 6:00pm, if all the errors have been cleared the report is then automatically submitted to the CSSF and the execution status is sent to the internal email.

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