We apply a pragmatic approach to our work by developing and editing our solutions to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment of the financial sector. Keeping a constant focus on client success moulds our methodology, and being customer-oriented provides us with a broader perspective on our modern cross-sector business solutions.

The rapid delivery of all our solutions is possible thanks to the agile nature of our work. We have extensive experience in the industry, so we shorten time-to-market and successfully navigate the complexities of your digital transformation.

Experience has shown that typical methods of project implementation with specifications, implementation, delivery and testing are not quite suitable for digital banking solutions. For instance, it is always difficult to fully specify the e-banking features at the beginning of the project, because real usage of the platform can reveal some minor issues or improvements that were not initially anticipated.

To fulfill an banking project’s particularity, ALSEGO uses a methodology inspired from Scrum, where each part of the project becomes a sub-project called a “sprint.” For each sprint, we can define the following standard approach:

• Initial meeting to define customer requirements

• Specifications and test cases redaction (Usually under client’s responsibility)

• Base implementation

• Review meeting with customer

• Specifications and test cases revision based on remark

• Changes to the implementation (20% of the base implementation workload)

• Final review meeting

The innovation that we bring expounds our competitive and performant solutions, encapsulating our approach and our value proposition.


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Become more agile, more competitive and more performant


Become more agile, more competitive and more performant


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