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Author: ALSEGO (April 17, 2020)

Pilot project: Symphony™

blog post 2020-03-13

ALSEGO is currently collaborating with a bank on the implementation of a new middleware solution dedicated to the validation and transmission of financial messages in real-time. The development of this solution is based a long-term vision of the implications of EU policy decisions and regulations. The European Union has pursued and continues to pursue a variety of initiatives to create a more dynamic, secure and customer-oriented banking sector. Among these initiatives are of course SEPA, PSD2 and the Banking Union.

ALSEGO's Symphony™ software is a financial message middleware solution capable of processing any financial message in various formats (ISO 20022, SWIFT, etc.) from different sources and pushing it to any back-office satellite system in real-time for a multitude of processes. No matter if the message is derived from an external or internal source, Symphony™ can validate it and transmit it in order for your business to automate back-office processes, accelerate payment delivery and remain regulatory compliant. Moreover, Symphony™ monitors financial message statuses in real-time so that you can pin point any issues rapidly. This software solution ties up your loose ends, by making decisions with its AI engine to keep your business compliant if there is an error with any connected third-party system.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification in conjunction with accounting standards and archiving have been subject to increased scrutiny. These aspects of the evolving financial industry are, from a regulatory standpoint, the crux of today's financial institutions and we aim to solve your issues with our Symphony™ financial message middleware solution.

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