Symphony Financial Messages Automation

Orchestrate & Automate your Financial Message Processing, from the capture to the complete settlement & archiving

Symphony™ is a transaction processing middleware solution for converting, validating, routing financial messages & managing their Long-Term Archives.
Whether you need to search for a specific transaction, route transactions through one or more filtering engines, or authenticate & authorize transactions from multiple channels, Symphony™ handles the entire orchestration of your financial messages.
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Transaction Switch
Automate & Secure Transaction Processing
Symphony™ takes the consolidated financial message file, unbundles the transactions atomically and analyzes each transaction and then reconsolidates or groups them in the desired format. In addition, the operation performed by the solution facilitates the fulfilment of regulatory obligations such as anti-money laundering checks. To this end, Symphony™ can be coupled with various software applications dedicated to these specific processes, which enables transaction screening. Once these operations have been carried out, Symphony™ publishes all the data directly into the bank's core banking system in the appropriate format.

Automate your business workflows, accelerate your business controls and monitor each step of a financial message in real-time.
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Fault Tolerant
Fault Tolerant

In the event of an incident at a node that supports Symphony™, the solution can instantly resume operations precisely where it left off from another node and assure the bank that all operations will be carried out correctly. Moreover, thanks to its real-time architecture, banks wishing to engage in instant processing can do so in full compliance with Instant SEPA requirements. Banks can also receive or push transactions individually and apply operations, such as filtering, to them and thus accelerate the processing and validation.

Unbundle, Convert, Filter & Bundle your Financial Messages

Symphony™ can convert financial messages into any format (ISO 20022, SWIFT RJE, SWIFT DOS-PCC, VIR2000, etc.). When a financial message is received from either an internal or external source it can contain multiple transactions. Symphony™ unbundles the message to its atomic elements so that each element can be processed. Once the processing is complete, Symphony™ rebundles the message for transmission. Moreover, the solution monitors and logs every step of the process in its fault-tolerant storage, providing you with access to this information for auditing or business intelligence.

Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection & Anti-Money Laundering systems require a fast & robust Financial Message Middleware solution.

Fraud detection, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification in conjunction with accounting standards and archiving have been subject to increased scrutiny in recent years. These aspects of the evolving financial industry are the crux of today’s financial institutions. The processes and systems employed to monitor all of this has been fragmented. Businesses require a solution to handle any type of financial message with the performance and intelligence to validate and transmit them in real-time.

Know Your Transaction (KYT)

In front of Know-Your-Client (KYC) regular process that faces many limitations, Symphony™ gives your organization the great advantage of Know-Your-Transaction (KYT) by targetting transaction data – evidence that is available in real time, and that is hard to be manipulated or changed. Analyzing transaction data results in both quantitative and qualitative analyses to determine the true payment activities. With concrete supporting evidence in hand, this definitely helps generating highly accurate insights and allow data driven conclusions to be taken.

Know Your Transaction
Long-term archiving solution for SWIFT financial messages

Dedicated to SWIFT platform users, amongst others Symphony™ Engine addresses the following Long-Term Archiving (LTA) requirements:

Symphony™ efficiently manages financial messages through its open model, making it easy to find individual messages using its search functionality. There is no cap on the number of users or entities (BIC). It is compatible with any standard web browser and is a real alternative to existing user interfaces.

Delivery Options

On-Premise Installation

Standard licensing model

Installation of the software components in your infrastructure.

Virtual Appliance Delivery
Virtual Appliance

Standard licensing model

We deliver a pre-configured virtual appliance that can easily be integrated on any virtualization platform such as VMware ESXi.

Software as a Service
Software as a Service

SaaS licensing & operating model

Once the VPN-link is established between your infrastructure and ours, you run on our Cloud platform within a dedicated but scalable environment.