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Digital Banking Strategy


Multichannel, white-label and complete web banking platform based on strong experience in secure application development and especially in online banking applications, the unique Opium.eBanking™ architecture has been designed to automatically handle all the security and technical standards, allowing you to concentrate on your business services.

Whether you are a small or a large financial institution, Opium.eBanking™ helps you to leverage your online channel to fulfill and exceed your customers' expectations.


Safe and easy-to-use, Opium.eBanking™ allows you to offer your end-users a wide range of online services to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and offer you more opportunities.

Whenever you want to set up an electronic banking solution that is really unique and represents your corporate identity, you no longer need to invest in long and costly development projects. With Opium.eBanking™  you get the advantages of a ready-to-use solution, while keeping total freedom in terms of design and functionality.

Supports Mobile Devices:


With Opium.eBanking™  you get the advantages of a ready-to-use solution compatible with modern computers, tablets and smartphones, while keeping total freedom in terms of design and functionality. You can even choose to go for a hybrid or native mobile electronic banking application.


Customizable workflows align your internet banking with your business

With Opium.eBanking™  you don’t need to strictly respect standard workflows. You can easily add, remove or modify workflows through the management console. For example, by adding a simple action, you can modify the money transfer workflow to send an email to business auditors whenever a transfer is greater than a specified amount or the target country is not usual.

For instance, if regulations change and you must provide more detailed information regarding fees, you just tell Opium.eBanking™ where to collect this information, then the screens and reports will be automatically adapted for you.


Out of the box modules

Business Modules
  • Portfolio Manager
  • ATMs, Money Transfers & Remittances Manager
  • Retail Products Manager
  • Debit & Credit Cards Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Household Transactions Manager
  • Corporate Multiple-Eyes Transactions Manager
  • Business Risk Exceptions Manager
  • Secure Email Manager
  • Electronic Documents Security & Tracking Manager

   And many others...
Technical Modules
  • Design & Reporting Manager
  • Translations Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Workflows & Scenarios Manager
  • User Device Contexts Manager
  • Data Sources & Feeders Manager
  • Strong Authentication Manager
  • Audit Trail & Log Concentrator Manager
  • Versions & Releases Manager
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Big-Data & Documents Manager

   And many others...
Opium.eBanking™ kernel platform allows companies with stringent privacy policies (finance, insurance, patents, etc...) to easily build a secure and rich portal for their customers and partners.
All the Ready-To-Use services are encapsulated into the same 3-Tier Solution Server, so they are available to any application process without the need of scattered external technologies. This approach eliminates most of the risks of global solution deployment and complex maintenance. Moreover, it ensures smooth and secure delivery without jeopardizing existing assets, whether they are applications or infrastructure components.


To protect data exchange with end-users, Opium.eBanking™ embeds a web application firewall with a per-user set of rules allowing fine-grained security filtering. Designed with respect to standard security guidelines, it offers off-the-shelf protection against critical application security risks (injection, session hacking, cross-site scripting and request, etc.) and sanitizes content and logs.
The whole security layer works in conjunction with the strong authentication step to protect both the end-user and the server application components.
Opium.eBanking™ natively supports major technology market standards for strong authentication.

A secure platform

To produce content, Opium.eBanking™ uses its Data Collection Scenarios (DCS) engine, to collect and process data coming from different sources (Relational databases, Big Data, SMTP, RPG programs, etc.) without writing a single line of code. With its embedded SMTP server, you can set up a secure customer relationship management channel through a secure web mail.

Fully customizable scenarios

Although highly secure, Opium.eBanking™ offers a set of features for the creation of rich HTML content to build user interfaces of your choice, for desktop and mobile, with no limitations in terms of design and full support for internationalization. Through its embedded reporting engine, Opium.eBanking™ also allows for  the production of reports in native Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats, offering the best navigation experience to your end-users.

Offering rich design


To simplify the management of the platform, Opium.eBanking™ uses a centralized management console allowing application versioning and fast deployment (or rollback) of new versions without impact on the end-users. Whenever your data model changes and the system must be shut down, Opium.eBanking™ automatically informs incoming users about the upcoming maintenance period and informs authenticated users about the time remaining to complete their operations.

Solution Delivery Options

Managed services model:

Full featured solution and services under Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) operated by us.

Standard model:


License to install the software on your servers.



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