Expeditious eBanking

Updated: Apr 29

The changing regulatory environment of the financial sector has brought about a dynamic shift in the way banks operate. Not least, small and medium sized banks. Large financial groups have plenty of resources to draw upon in order to update their software and operational capabilities. Investing in modern e-banking, security and archiving technologies is sound practice. However, the issues faced by those big banks are the same faced by small & medium sized banks. The result for many is that they will have to adapt their business by minimizing costs and automating processes.

Technology facilitates a far more dynamic industry with consumers placed at the centre of it. Allowing customers to easily switch between banks, or to simply consolidate their financial data from multiple bank accounts has fostered greater marketing efforts on the part of banks to retain and grow their customer base. Client interactions are shifting to the virtual space. Consequently, banks need to update their virtual agency to cater to their clients’ needs. Whether it be secure email communication, portfolio consolidation, accounts overview, strong customer authentication or online services amongst other aspects, small and medium size banks cannot afford to lag behind their larger competitors.

The boutique approach employed by smaller banks underpins their more specialized focus. To focus on the essentials and to remove what is not necessary, makes them agile and quick to respond and adapt. To match their approach and provide a rapid solution to their needs, ALSEGO has developed Opium.eBanking Essentials. Set up a virtual agency with the essential components to update your online channel as quickly as possible, and speed up the time-to-market of your bank’s financial products and services. Smaller banks need to be agile in order to be more competitive and more performant.

In essence, Opium.eBanking Essentials allows you to hit the ground running with only your logo and corporate colors! Your e-banking platform can be rolled out in a matter of days, due to the streamlined solution and simplified integration with your core-banking system.

Opium.eBanking Essentials comprises the indispensable features of our Opium.eBanking solution, so that your business can operate effectively without jeopardizing your cost control. Combining quality & precision with cost effective pragmatism is the idea behind our essential e-banking platform.