Exploring PSD2 & Open-Banking

Updated: Jan 18

Delving into the realm of open banking conjures an impression of the fruition of the payment service directive II (PSD2). Notwithstanding the potential for further development, PSD2 has transformed the banking landscape. By regulating new players in the financial sector, the industry appears far more dynamic than ever before. Large investments into financial technology and the rise of FinTechs has given bankers plenty to think about. Indeed, the relationship between banks and FinTechs has taken on a new dimension with examples of the latter vying for a slice of the market with the creation of neo-banks. Headlines from the FinTech world pay dividend to the inject of capital into those booming start-ups, but the ideas and coding that lies behind the facade is where the real interest will pay off.

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source: https://www.itnation.lu/exploring-psd2-open-banking/