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Virtual Agency Solution

Multichannel, white-label and complete e-banking platform based on strong experience in secure application development and especially in online banking applications. Our unique architecture has been designed to automatically handle all the security and technical standards, allowing you to concentrate on your business services.


Financial Middleware Solution

The processes and systems employed to monitor & analyze financial messages has been fragmented. Businesses require a solution to handle any type of financial message with the performance and intelligence to validate and transmit them in real-time.


Open Banking Solution

Open Banking is fast becoming the new standard by which commercial banks operate. Through our experience in secure banking application development, we have successfully issued a pragmatic and cost-efficient API solution.


SWIFT LTA Solution

Banks are facing more stringent legal obligations brought about by the changing regulatory environment of the financial sector. One aspect of which is the archiving of interbank financial messages. Discover our middleware solution to archive, manage and search through your financial messages.

Microservices Solution

Developing and deploying composite web services ought to be a rapid process and that is why we have packaged a solution to build, deploy and manage them. Our microservices approach enables you to easily expose (legacy) datasources to web services, secure access to sensitive data, allow high performance through caching, foster business continuity, speed up business web service development and facilitate release and deployment management at pace and with complete ease.


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