Financial Middleware Orchestrator


For all your financial messages, whether internal or external, coming from or going to any application or counterpart:

Monitor your business transactions in real-time through a user-friendly web-based console.

Symphony™ can be configured to work with all of your channels and applications:

  • External & Internal banking channels

  • Fraud detection systems

  • AML software

  • Payment processors

  • Network interfaces

  • etc.

Automate your business workflows with our fault tolerant financial middleware solution. Monitor each step of a financial message in real-time and accelerate your business controls.

Symphony™ can convert financial messages into any format (ISO 20022, SWIFT RJE, SWIFT DOS-PCC, VIR2000, etc.) and transmit them to any satellite system or application. Moreover, Symphony™ logs every step of a financial message in its fault-tolerant storage, providing you with access to this information for auditing or business intelligence through the web-based console. The smart engine embedded in our solution takes decisions when necessary to keep your business compliant.

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Symphony™ executes processing functions on unit transactions. One of the most important processing tasks is the ability to submit each individual transaction to a filtering engine to check if the transaction complies to the group policies as well as national and international rules. If some transactions do not respect the rules, they are kept aside during the output and Symphony™ notifies whomever is responsible to deal with such transactions.

Symphony™ is delivered as a virtual appliance that can easily be integrated on any virtualization platform such as VMWare ESX. The Symphony™ kernel and web-based console are robust, secure and fast; accelerating and automating your workflows to make your business more agile, more competitive and more performant.

We cater to any organization that deals with financial messages. Symphony™ can convert any financial message into any format and push that message to any Intranet, Extranet or Internet application.

Unbundle, Convert, Filter & Bundle your Financial Messages

Fraud Detection & Anti-Money Laundering systems require a fast & robust Financial Message Middleware solution.


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