Real-Time Financial Message Orchestrator


Symphony™ is a transaction processing middleware solution for converting, validating & routing financial messages.

Whether you need to search for a specific transaction, route transactions through one or more filtering engines, or authenticate & authorize transactions from multiple channels, Symphony™ handles the entire orchestration of your financial messages.

Automatisation & securisation des traitements de transactions

Symphony takes the consolidated financial message file, unbundles the transactions atomically and analyzes each transaction and then reconsolidates or groups them in the desired format. In addition, the operation performed by the solution facilitates the fulfilment of regulatory obligations such as anti-money laundering checks. To this end, Symphony can be coupled with various software applications dedicated to these specific processes, which enables transaction screening. Once these operations have been carried out, Symphony publishes all the data directly into the bank's core banking system in the appropriate format.

If a transaction does not comply with national or international regulations and is marked as such by a filter engine after screening, it is kept aside during the output and Symphony™ notifies whomever is assigned to deal with such transactions.

Process all Financial Messages

Symphony is capable of processing any type of financial message format, whether it is an internal transfer or an interbank transaction.

Examples of financial message types include:

  • ISO 20022




  • VIR 2000

  • etc.

Feel free to contact us if you have a question regarding a specific financial message format.

Fault Tolerant

In the event of an incident at a node that supports Symphony, the solution can instantly resume operations precisely where it left off from another node and assure the bank that all operations will be carried out correctly. Moreover, thanks to its real-time architecture, banks wishing to engage in instant processing can do so in full compliance with Instant SEPA requirements. Banks can also receive or push transactions individually and apply operations, such as filtering, to them and thus accelerate the processing and validation.

Symphony™ est fourni en tant qu'instance virtuelle qui peut facilement être intégrée sur n'importe quelle plateforme de virtualisation. Le noyau Symphony™ et la console Web sont robustes, sécurisés et rapides; accélérer et automatiser vos flux métiers pour rendre votre entreprise plus agile, plus compétitive et plus performante.

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