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Enable Instant Composite Webservices

                            MPCS™ is a solution designed to set up flexible composite webservices at pace and with complete ease.

Process-oriented and iterative approaches are simple with Talisman MPCS™. No low-level coding is required, the solution takes care of the execution, security, business continuity and high-availability.

"If you have to engage a project management plan to publish webservices, it could mean that one of the microservices architecture's main goals has eluded you and that you'll be too late..."

- Marc Van Oost, AlSego's CEO

Fast and easy to expose (legacy) datastores to

RESTful webservices

Exposing data collections to webservices can be labour intensive and time consuming. With Talisman MPCS, build and deploy bidirectional data handler webservices that comply with OpenAPI specification in a matter of minutes.

4' video about:

  • Creation of a Query-Passthru webservice collecting data from a database server.

  • Set up caching to make the webservice operate 2 to 5 times faster.

Enter the world of In-Memory datastores

Improve performance, high-availability and business continuity by caching multisource information into fast In-Memory databases.

Not only is the deployment of your composite webservices accelerated with Talisman MPCS™, but also the performance and high-availaiblity are increased. By using built-in In-Memory datastores, the processing speed of your webservices is tremendously enhanced.

19' 11" video about:

  • Create a data collection Mashup.

  • Aggregation of multisource data aiming to provide portfolio positions through a RESTful webservice.

  • Use of In-Memory store to enable data consolidation of heterogeneous datasources, performance and high-availability.

9' 50" video about:

  • Create an updater webservice.

  • Update In-Memory datastore as well as backend datasource with user input.

  • Enable business continuity by keeping master datasources up to date after operational unavailability.

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Protect business information without

complexity or data redundancy

Talisman MPCS enforces an organization's security policies by centralizing users and application privileges to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Moreover, it natively embeds data anonymization technics to avoid data redundancy or intensive implementation of user-rights logic during the application coding phase.

10' 12" video about:

  • Manage security basics through User Accounts & Access Privileges.

  • Implement data anonymization policies according to business requirements and staff responsibilities.

  • Define and secure sensitive environments.

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