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Talisman MPCS™ is a low-code composite web service application server, designed to set up flexible composite web services at pace and with complete ease.

Process-oriented and iterative approaches are simple with Talisman MPCS™. No low-level coding is required, the solution takes care of the execution, security, business continuity and high-availability.

Thanks to Talisman MPCS™, publishing web services is frictionless and straightforward. Benefit from a pure microservices approach by deploying composite web services aligned to business processes without the need to engage in a project management plan.

Fast and easy to expose (legacy) datastores to RESTful webservices

Manually exposing multiple sources of data collections to composite webservices is a complex and elaborate process. Take the hassle out of intricate and intensive coding, just break your process down and implement the underlying steps using a simple web browser. Talisman MPCS™, the low-code development application server to speed-up the creation and deployment of your webservices, takes care of the rest. Moreover, take advantage of the fact that with Talisman MPCS™ you can build and deploy bidirectional data handler webservices that comply with OpenAPI specification in just a matter of minutes.

Demostration on how fast and easy it is to create a Query Pasthru Webservice to collect data from Microsoft® SQL Server with Talisman MPCS™.
Talisman MPCS™ Demo: Query Passthru Webservice

4' video about:

  • Creation of a Query-Passthru webservice collecting data from a database server.

  • Set up caching to make the webservice operate 2 to 5 times faster.

Expose heterogeneous Mashup Data Collections

to Business Aggregate Data Sets

Nowadays, many organizations have to manage data silos due to the segregation of business applications. However, in the context of webservices, data collections aim to provide information that has tangible meaning, in the sense of conceptualizing data aggregation to produce business-oriented results. If we take the example of a portfolio valuation: Some data comes from the CRM, some from the accounting system and instrument valuation solutions. Taken separately, it is quite difficult to have a formal interpretation of the information whereas, when it is consolidated, the result is clear business added-value information.

To work around this, organizations often duplicate data into pre-organized datasets. It is a costly process, due to the underlying technology (Hardware and software) to make duplicated data relevant and up-to-date. With Talisman MPCS™, you just create a volatile storage space in an In-Memory store that operates on-the-fly so that you no longer require the previously mentioned fastidious replication processes. This way tremendously reduces the burden and costs while greatly increasing the performance. Data remains at the original locations under the responsibility of their managing application, while aggregated results are fed into virtual business-oriented datastores upon request.

19' 11" video about:

  • Create a data collection Mashup.

  • Aggregation of multisource data aiming to provide portfolio positions through a RESTful webservice.

  • Use of In-Memory store to enable data consolidation of heterogeneous datasources, performance and high-availability.

Demostration on how to create a Mashup cache Webservice with Talisman MPCS™.
Talisman MPCS™ Demo: Mashup cache Webservice

9' 50" video about:

  • Create an updater webservice.

  • Update In-Memory datastore as well as backend datasource with user input.

  • Enable business continuity by keeping master datasources up to date after operational unavailability.

Demonstration on how to create an Updater Webservice with Talisman MPCS™.
Talisman MPCS™ Demo: Updater Webservice

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Web and Mobile Development

Web and mobile application development projects are easier with Talisman MPCS™. The speed at which back-end aspects can be managed with this low-code development platform saves an enormous amount time, and facilitates the deployment of your projects so that you can concentrate on the front-end.

Protect business information without complexity or data redundancy

Talisman MPCS™ enforces an organization's security policies by centralizing users and application privileges to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Moreover, it natively embeds data anonymization technics to avoid data redundancy or intensive implementation of user-rights logic during the application coding phase.

10' 12" video about:

  • Manage security basics through User Accounts & Access Privileges.

  • Implement data anonymization policies according to business requirements and staff responsibilities.

  • Define and secure sensitive environments.

Demonstration on how to manage security within Talisman MPCS™.
Talisman MPCS™ Demo: Manage Security

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