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Author: ALSEGO (December 04, 2020)

The prospect of hyperautomation through web services
Talisman MPCS™

blog post 2020-12-04

Automation has been trending ever since the industrial revolution. Today, we are living in the digital revolution and it is hard to predict when it will decelerate, if ever. Digital technology has been given even more transaction due to the extra down force brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it's time to get fanatical about aero and slice through the tough years ahead with a focus on hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation involves scrutinising every aspect of a business where the slightest whiff of potential for automation can be exploited, exempli gratia; automated cooking appliances, smart energy meters, agricultural watering systems, automated land-mine detectors & of course automated data processing just to name a few. The plethora of applications is mind boggling, but the real-world consequences are so tremendously efficient that they are undoubtedly part of the solution to climate change.

The potential for cost & time savings is electrifying and we at ALSEGO have a rather handy tool to spur hyperautomation within your firm. Introducing Talisman MPCS™, our microservices solution to enable instant process-oriented composite web services. The keystones of this new packaged software product are minimal low-level coding utilising a process oriented & iterative approach to instantly build composite web services and accelerate web & mobile application development. Talisman MPCS™ is incredibly user-friendly and pragmatic, enabling IT departments to slash development time for composite web services, web & mobile applications. The simplicity and speed when using Talisman MPCS™ is illustrated through our demo videos. Please check them out to give yourself an idea of its practical use, and how the solution can make your backend technical duties a lot easier.

Maximising efficiency is what Talisman MPCS™ is all about. Not only is constructing web services practically effortless, but administering Talisman MPCS™ is also a cinch. Data anonymisation technics are natively embedded to help secure confidential or sensitive information. One of the major benefits of this is curtailing data redundancies & eliminate programming user-rights logic. Talisman MPCS™ handles these aspects so that you can focus on customer experience by allocating your task forces to front-end aspects.

Performance is crucial to the delivery of your web services, both in terms of development and usage. High-availability & business continuity are secured & enhanced with fast in-memory storage, steering clear of any impacts on your business operations, all the while increasing the speed of your web services.

Microservices has a part to play in hyperautomation, manipulating data to extract value & insights from (legacy) datastores is an ingenious method of maximising efficiency from places where you may have overlooked a minute slither of potential. If you require a ready-to-use microservices solution to build instant composite web services, then look no further, because we have you covered with Talisman MPCS™.

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