Our Mission & Vision
Founded in 2009 by former IBMers, ALSEGO is a financial software editor with a track record of delivering robust, secure and modern packaged solutions. Over a decade of developing and editing banking software, compliance applications and other banking industry products have culminated in our white-label eBanking platform and secure professional solutions. Our products are adept at tackling the pitfalls of digital banking projects.

Alongside our clients, we want to reach business objectives and exceed expectations. Collaborating to increase end-to-end customer satisfaction while maintaining a focus on cost efficiency and pragmatism.

We offer an array of FinTech solutions catering to the changing regulatory environment of the financial industry. Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions face digital transformation challenges. To that end, we bring innovation, experience & expertise to make your business more agile, more competitive and more performant.
Our endeavour to be the digital transformation partner of choice is matched by our strive for quality and precision in the development, editing and deployment of our solutions. With fierce competition in the FinTech industry, we have a keen eye for detail and a cognizance for business. Security is paramount to us, not just in terms of information technology, but also regarding regulatory compliance.

Scanning a broad vision of the operational application of our solutions gives us a perspective with which to further edit & develop our software to meet the demands of an evolving financial industry. Our resolve to create & deploy the best solutions on the market sets us apart from the competition.
Today we generally address SMB organizations to which we deliver an extraordinary level of quality and attention. Being customer-oriented and keeping a constant focus on client success, some of our clients represent the finest companies in the world. Among those clients, some are listed on international exchanges, and are Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.