Multichannel & White-Label e-banking platform

Full transversal & white-label e-banking platform

A complete web banking platform based on strong experience in secure application development and especially in online banking applications, the unique Opium.eBanking™ architecture has been designed to automatically enrich the Core Banking System in order to be time-to-market with your products and services towards your customers through the digital agency. The solution ensures the processing automation according to your workflow as well as the security and technical standards, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Whether you are a small or a large financial institution, whether you offer retail/private/corporate banking services, Opium.eBanking™ helps you to leverage your online channel to fulfill and exceed your customers' expectations, to reduce costs and offers you more opportunities.
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Digital Agency custom workflows
Customizable workflows to align the digital agency to your way of working

With Opium.eBanking™ you do not need to strictly respect standard workflows. You can easily add, remove or modify workflows. For example, by adding a simple action, you can instantly modify the process of processing approval for a particular transaction before it is executed.

Moreover, if regulations change and you must provide more detailed information regarding fees, you just tell Opium.eBanking™ where to collect this information, then the screens and reports will be automatically adapted for you.

Your layout & graphical chart, your corporate identity

Although highly secure, Opium.eBanking™ is white-label and offers a set of features for the creation of rich HTML content to build user interfaces of your choice, for desktops/mobiles & reports, with no limitations in terms of design and full support for internationalization. To goal being to offer the best navigation experience to your end-users.

Modular Architecture
Digital Agency custom workflows
Multichannel to boost user-experience and satisfaction, engage customer loyalty

Take advantage of a multichannel solution, by considering the changing nature of your customer base, and the demands of the business to make up for time. Addressing customers' requests at the right time on the right channel with the right message will make your business stand out among competitors. It is the inevitable step to engage satisfaction and loyalty of new generation customers.

Furthermore, choose hybrid or native tablet/smartphone banking apps for mobile devices channel.

Mobile Applications
Mobile apps are published under your corporate identity.

Ready-to-use & scalable

All the Ready-to-use services are encapsulated into the same 3-Tier solution, so they are available to any application process without the need of scattered external technologies. This approach eliminates most of the risks of global solution deployment and complex maintenance. Moreover, it ensures smooth and secure delivery without jeopardizing existing assets, whether they are applications or infrastructure components.

Portfolio, ATMs, money transfers & remittances, retail products, debit & credit Cards, marketing, relationships, household transactions, multiple-eyes transactions & signatures, business risk exceptions, secure email, electronic documents, strong authentication, audit trail, internationalization & translations, Excel & PDF reporting, etc. are totally interoperable built-in modules.

Modular Architecture
Digital Agency custom workflows
Compliance & auditability

Based on our strong experience in developing robust and secured applications for the banking sector, we are used to build solutions taking into account a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. Opium.eBanking™ ensures to get "Green Light" clearance on the strength and thoroughness, security policies, audit trails, and other corporate/regulatory assessments over the course of an independent formal compliance audit.

Additionally, Opium.eBanking™ integrates PSD2 optional module as a turn-key solution to enter the Open-Banking and to comply with EU Payment Services directive.

Read more on Opium.PSD2™.


Designed with respect to the most strict security guidelines, it offers off-the-shelf protection against critical application security risks. The whole security layer works in conjunction with strong customer authentication (SCA) plug-ins to protect both the end-user and the server application components.

Opium.eBanking™ natively supports major technology market leaders for strong customer authentication.

Digital Agency custom workflows

Digital Agency custom workflows

Delivery Options

On-Premise Installation

Standard licensing model

Installation of the software components in your infrastructure.

Software as a Service
Software as a Service

SaaS licensing & operating model

Once the VPN-link is established between your infrastructure and ours, you run on our Cloud platform within a dedicated but scalable environment.