Open Banking platform

The most cost effective Open Banking platform

Opium.PSD2™ is a turn-key solution that integrates with any Core Banking System or with Opium.eBanking™ to allow other banks and authorized third-parties to connect in a secure way. It enables your financial institution to quickly comply with EU Payment Services directive, in a pragmatic and cost effective manner.
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Mixed Proposal
Delivered as a mixed proposal is the SECURED approach

We combine intramural software components with Software as a Service (SaaS) components to provide a secure and robust solution to your open banking strategy. The dedicate sandbox environment runs on our mutualized Cloud platform while production environment components operate in your infrastructure once authorized third-party developers have finalized their work and the full process is validated.

No worries or burden on your side while third-party developers are building their solution as we provide them with support until the switch to production is effective.

Opium.PSD2 Sandbox

We provide all the technical and secured infrastructure and take care of the third-party providers' testing and integration processes, from documentation supply to technical support.

Opium.PSD2 Livebox

Once a third-party provider is ready, our dedicated Sandbox platform informs you and publishes all the necessary technicalities to your "On-Premise" Opium.PSD2™ platform.

Opium.PSD2™ intensively uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Thanks to its smart engine that automates workflows and that complies with Berlin-Group standards, Opium.PSD2™ solution tremendously decreases third-party provider support as well as web service publications.

RPA Support
Strong Customer Authentication
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Security is paramount and the PSD2 framework calls for strong customer authentication. Maintaining an API is a challenge for financial institutions with minimal technical expertise. From a banker’s perspective, PSD2 results in additional costs, exposure to the competition and security risks.

Collecting Financial Data

PSD2 places an obligation on banks to provide their customers’ financial data to authorised TPPs (Third Party Providers) when a customer wishes to pay from their bank account via a payment initiation service provider (PISP) or simply grant permission to access that data through an account information service provider (AISP).

Data Exchange