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Retail Banking Challenges

Retail Banking

The rapid evolution of the retail banking sector is due in part to increased oversight and mounting regulations in conjunction with competition from the fringes of the financial sector.

The advent of Open Banking has spurred innovation within the payments segment and has opened the flood gates of competition. Moreover, customer experience has been restructured inline with the digitalization and automation of previously labor-intensive procedures.

Streamlining your financial institution is a necessity and employing the right solutions to carry out this undertaking is of paramount importance. Combining a reduction in operational overheads and automation in pursuit of efficiency provides a recipe for sustainable growth.

Private Banking Challenges

Private Banking

Private banking has progressively become more digital while simultaneously maintaining a distinct boutique approach. Wealth managers and advisors have not been spared from mounting financial regulations and the necessity to digitalize is omnipresent.

The agility that digital banking offers compliments the efficient and focused nature of wealth management. Automating menial tasks allows your managers and advisors to dedicate more time to individual clients.

Make your business more performant and flexible by providing your private banking clients with a flawless digital experience no matter where they are.

SME/Corporate Banking Challenges

SME/Corporate Banking

Digitalization in the corporate banking sphere has massive potential to increase profit margins and customer retention. Although offering a similar boutique approach to private banking is good service, the speed at which round-the-clock corporate banking activities are conducted is a prerequisite today.

The automation of internal workflows augments business efficiency and as such simplifies menial tasks allowing staff to dedicate more time to individual clients. The potential business that is on the table from the corporate side of global banking cannot be underestimated.

Enhancing user experience from a corporate stand point is critical to diversifying business lines. Automating corporate banking activities, delivering new products and services at pace, in addition to streamlining internal workflows will give your bank the edge in this highly competitive banking segment.

Fund Services & Asset Management

Fund Services & Asset Management Challenges

Funds & Asset Managers have not been exempt from the increased regulation governing the financial industry, not least with regards to consolidation and periodical reporting. Gathering and sending financial information constitutes a substantial part of back-office operations. In fact, due to the large degree of manual processes employed, principally by smaller and medium sized funds, the potential for cost and time savings with an automated solution on this aspect alone is especially significant.

Operational risk management devolves a plethora of tasks to employees that can be automated. Assembling, validating and cleansing investment data derived from multiple sources is a cumbersome ordeal. Asset management firms need to operate at an efficient level in order to remain competitive. Moreover, the primary hurdle to becoming more streamlined is to reduce the potential for manual errors. Automation is the key in this respect, notwithstanding the ability to unlock efficiency and growth.

Front & Middle Office to Back Office
Whether you are a small or a large financial institution, a transaction switch platform helps you to communicate and exchange with counterparts, search for a specific transaction, route transactions through one or more filtering engines, or authenticate & authorize transactions from multiple channels, and handles the entire orchestration of your financial messages.
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